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FICAM has a GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) laboratory, and qualified personnel educated in GLP. All FICAM validation studies and regulatory toxicity tests are performed in compliance with GLP.

FICAM applies modern research techniques, e.g. 3D-cell culturing, micro electrode arrays, live cell image analysis, quantitative real time PCR, flow cytometry, 3D-cell printing, and automated high resolution capillary electrophoresisi analysis. 

The models developed in FICAM are validated to be reliable, repeatable and relevant for a certain purpose. The validation will be performed in compliance with GLP, after the scientific proof of concept and method optimization.

The safety tests are performed under GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) if the results are aimed to be included in the regulatory documentation.

FICAM validates also methods developed by other research groups, and performs routine testing on request under GLP.

FICAM acts as a reference laboratory for EURL ECVAM (European Union Reference LaboratoryAnimal  for Alternatives to Animal Testing ).